Antarctic Prion at the SI Wildlife Hospital

Antarctic Prion

This is an image of a Antarctic Prion brought into the South Island Wildlife Hospital last year. These little guys are found down south in Antarctic and Subantarctic water and they infrequently visit New Zealand's waters.

Here is a message from Karen Talbot who is a volunteer at the SI Wildlife Hospital. "I met a bird this morning very few New Zealanders have met - an Antarctic Prion! Jackie (another volunteer) has one in her care. It was found on a fishing boat arriving back into Lyttelton from the Southern oceans. Poor wee critter was covered in diesel soot from its ride. Jackie has cleaned it up and now has to waterproof it before it can be released. It is eating well but is very underweight"

These birds look quite similar to the other Prion species: Broad-billed, Thin-billed, Fairy, Fulmar and Salvin's Prion. All are bluey-white with some darker blue lines across their wings and some black too.

I would recomend checking out their great FB page it's really cool to see all the amazing stuff they are doing!


Image credit: Karen Talbot