MoU with Birds NZ - officially signed!

We’re thrilled to announce that we have officially signed an MoU with Birds New Zealand, which formalises our relationship and provides the groundwork for a very mutually beneficial relationship.

George Hobson (YBNZ) and Bruce McKinlay (President, Birds NZ) signing the MoU at the Birds NZ AGM. Photo credit: Les Feasey

George Hobson (YBNZ) and Bruce McKinlay (President, Birds NZ) signing the MoU at the Birds NZ AGM. Photo credit: Les Feasey

The entire, signed, MoU can be found at:

The key points from this MoU are as follows:

  • YBNZ Youth Members will become non-financial members of Birds NZ, thus increasing the youth membership of Birds NZ and giving more young people easy access to the Birds NZ magazine and Notornis.

  • Birds NZ will provide support, including financial, to Young Birders NZ in order for us to continue our work encouraging young people into the ornithological field.

  • YBNZ will nominate one representative to attend Birds NZ Council meetings, this representative will put forward the views of Young Birders NZ members.

  • Birds NZ will continue to lead the organisation of and financially support an annual ‘Youth Camp’.

  • YBNZ will actively, where appropriate, contribute to the organisation of activities such as ‘Youth Camps’.

  • Both organisations will, where appropriate, promote each other to their audience e.g. in respective magazines, in promotional content, websites etc.

Important to note is that under this new MoU, all members of Young Birders NZ - 18 years old and under - will automatically become members of Birds NZ and agree to be included and counted in the Birds NZ membership database. This is a free membership, you will not be charged. Your benefits include being able to view the Birds NZ magazine and Notornis (the Birds NZ scientific journal) online, as well as being welcome to attend Birds NZ regional meetings, field trips and conferences. We will be working with Birds NZ to make sure you’re connected with your local Birds NZ regional representative in the coming months.

If you are not comfortable with this, you have the option to opt out:

We would love your feedback on this MoU, so please don’t hesitate to send any feedback (positive or negative) to us, via this form:

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